The START maturity system, developed by OtB Concrete, is a tool used to measure the actual in-situ strength of hardening concrete.  Based upon thermo-technology, it enables a contractor to continuously monitor the early-age strength development of a concrete member.  Due to the ‘mass effect’ of concrete in-place, the early-age strength will be more accurate than that of a cast cube or cylinder.  Accurate assessment of actual in-situ strength allows the following benefits to a contractor:

  • early striking of formwork,
  • reduced propping
  • early post-tensioning of slabs,
  • improved cold-weather concreting,
  • fast-track construction.
  • strength in critical locations

Early age thermal shrinkage and  cracking can be controlled by the START system together with prediction by OtB Concrete’s ConTeSt   technology. Accurate knowledge of the concrete strengths and thermo-dynamics can lead to assured striking procedures which can save on the overall construction program and consequently construction costs and mitigate technical and commercial risks.

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